Posturest SPA

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Height: 250 mm

  • High Support Feel, deep comfort quilt

  • Ideal for back sleepers that have become accustomed to extra support

  • 250mm of full support for our most affordable solution

  • Infinite-Zone Support for superior orthopedically correct support in any sleeping direction

  • 3D-Spacer ventilation, luxury 2-tone plush mirco-suede border


  • Great value with luxury finishing, highest support and best affordability

  • Posturest Infinite-Zone Strataflex Latex Series

    • Evolutionary Strataflex Latex layering technology, developed with over sixty years of luxury latex expertise
    • Designed from the ground-up, based on the Strataflex Latex Layering principle
    • Clearly defined support and comfort design criteria for maximum performance
    • Support where it should be
    • Comfort where you need it
    • Infinite-Zone Support provides orthopedically correct support in any sleeping direction
    • Extra firm Infinite-Zone support layering will never sag prematurely, as opposed to low quality foams that sag with even nominal use
    • Infinite-Zone sleeping surface caters to all body shapes and sizes
    • No need to sleep in only one direction to match fixed, “multi-zoned” flawed designs
    • Now adults and infants can sleep on the same mattress and enjoy orthopedically correct,  Infinite-Zone Support


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    Posturest Hotel
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    Posturest SPA
    RM1,250.00 RM2,143.00 Ex Tax: RM1,250.00

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