That 5-Star Hotel Pillow

That 5-Star Hotel Pillow

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How many times have you asked:

“Where can I buy that 5-Star Hotel Pillow?”

Now you can buy it right here!  Take home 5-Star Hotel Luxury today!  Our 59 years in the Luxury bedding industry has taught us how to serve up luxury on a platter.  Savour that silky smooth feel?  Our 100% cotton, superfine percale encasement will caress you with cool, natural, fresh comfort.


Need that ultra plush softness to put you into blissfully deep sleep?  Our super soft, high loft microfibers will caress you with comfort whilst supporting you with its fluffy bounce.

Ever feel the airy softness of a feather pillow, but wished you didn’t have to put up with the gamey smell and the annoying prickles?

Now you can enjoy just that!  You see, we took the best things about a feather pillow, and now give you that same luxurious feel, but took away that disgusting smell and those annoyingly prickly spines, leaving you with just pure luxurious, fresh comfort!

We also made it more convenient for you, so that ultra plush comfort lasts without the need to continuously fluff the pillow.
That 5-Star Hotel Pillow:  feather-feel luxury; cool, fresh, natural Ultra-Fine 100% cotton percale; super soft comfort with high loft support; no prickly, smelly feathers that need constant fluffing.

Best of all, we bring all this luxury and convenience to you, and still manage to keep it affordable!
Naturatex by Sleep Synergy.   Luxury you can feel, convenience you can use, value you can appreciate!

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