Basic Back Sleeper

Basic Back Sleeper

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Size: 60 x 40 x 12 (cm)

We all sleep differently, so why settle for the same generic pillow?
Can one pillow rule them all?

We choose our mattresses with great diligence, but what about our pillows? Perhaps there wasn’t enough information available to make an informed choice. Well not anymore, Naturatex by Sleep Synergy has the right solution for you!

Why choose this pillow?
Our Basic Back Sleeper pillow is exclusively designed by Sleep Synergy to address the specific needs of a back sleeper. A mattress with higher support and a lesser degree of body contouring is required for back sleepers, as opposed to the deeper contouring required by a side sleeper. 

As such, our Basic Back Sleeper pillow is tuned for a little more support whilst catering to lower profile for back sleepers, to match the support characteristics of a back sleeper’s mattress. Now the pillow and mattress can work in sync to provide you with a perfect night’s sleep.

What are the other benefits?

  • Cool breathable natural latex
  • Basic classic profile suited for back-sleepers
  • Micro pin-hole array for increased ventilation while maintaining high surface area for superior pressure-relieving surface contouring comfort and support

  • Turn-free
  • Sag-free
  • Stretch knitted fabric outer cover
  • Anti-dust mite

At Naturatex, we don’t just make luxury pillows and mattresses. With over 59 years of manufacturing natural latex bedding, combined with Sleep Synergy’s expertise of over 23 years in designing luxury sleep systems, we have the right solution for you!

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