Posturest Hotel

Height: 300 mmSupport Feel, comfort pillow-topIdeal support for back sleepers with pressure relieving comfort for side sleepers too300mm of versatile, practical support and com..

RM2,543.00 Ex Tax: RM2,543.00

Posturest Resort

Height: 380 mm  Comfort Feel, Extra-Plush comfort topper Ideal for side sleepers that cherish deep, plush, contouring comfort ..

RM3,371.00 Ex Tax: RM3,371.00

Posturest SPA

Height: 250 mm High Support Feel, deep comfort quiltIdeal for back sleepers that have become accustomed to extra support250mm of full support for our most affordable solut..

RM2,143.00 Ex Tax: RM2,143.00

PostureLux: Queen

Height: 280 mmBased on our luxury pocket coil Hotel Premium construction, this mattress offers undisturbed sleeping comfort with its independent pocket coils.Double layered natural latex padding fur..

RM5,379.00 Ex Tax: RM5,379.00

PostureFirm: Queen

Height: 260 mmBased on our tried and tested Posture Coil Hotel Classic construction, this mattress offers one of the most affordable yet durable and lasting support that you can feel.Reinforced with..

RM2,543.00 Ex Tax: RM2,543.00

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