Extra Support

Wellness Posture Support: Queen

Height: 280 mmSupreme Stress Relief with Anti-Static Carbon discharge technology combined with natural latex coolness, comfort, and support.3-D Spacer Technology allows lateral cross-ventilation betw..

RM4,425.00 Ex Tax: RM4,425.00

Backcare 200: Queen

Height: 200 mm  Natural bamboo fabric wrap-round design for quick and easy access on to and off the sleeping surface Natural lat..

RM4,350.00 Ex Tax: RM4,350.00

Backcare Response

Height: 275 mm  Natural bamboo fabric wrap-round design for quick and easy access on to and off the sleeping surface Natural lat..

RM5,143.00 Ex Tax: RM5,143.00

Essentials Support: Queen

Height: 230 mm Comfort edgeless plush top with softknit Plush microsuede Euro-Top comfort layering Strataflex support layering READ MORE ..

RM3,800.00 Ex Tax: RM3,800.00

Posturest Hotel

Height: 300 mmSupport Feel, comfort pillow-topIdeal support for back sleepers with pressure relieving comfort for side sleepers too300mm of versatile, practical support and com..

RM2,543.00 Ex Tax: RM2,543.00

Posturest Resort

Height: 380 mm  Comfort Feel, Extra-Plush comfort topper Ideal for side sleepers that cherish deep, plush, contouring comfort ..

RM3,371.00 Ex Tax: RM3,371.00

Posturest SPA

Height: 250 mm High Support Feel, deep comfort quiltIdeal for back sleepers that have become accustomed to extra support250mm of full support for our most affordable solut..

RM2,143.00 Ex Tax: RM2,143.00

PostureFirm: Queen

Height: 260 mmBased on our tried and tested Posture Coil Hotel Classic construction, this mattress offers one of the most affordable yet durable and lasting support that you can feel.Reinforced with..

RM2,543.00 Ex Tax: RM2,543.00

Hotel & Spa Series : Maldives (Queen)

Height: 220mmFeatures:Extra-High Support Feel, deep comfort quiltIdeal for back sleepers that just must have the highest support feelInfinite-Zone Support for superior orthopedically correct support i..

RM1,399.00 Ex Tax: RM1,399.00

Hotel & Spa Series : Mediterranee (Queen)

The Mediterranee is built for extra support, but never compromising comfort. This solution offers you maximum back support, whilst maintaining a pressure relieving comfort layer ..

RM1,999.00 Ex Tax: RM1,999.00

Hotel Contract (Queen)

Features:Height: 265 mmFor over 59 years with our core competency in natural latex, we don’t just make spring mattresses.  We make latex mattresses with springs!  Our design philosophy c..

RM3,043.00 Ex Tax: RM3,043.00

Hostel Classic - Single

Height: 100 mm “Affordable, quality support; comfortably packaged” Our core competency is in natural latex solutions and it is the pillar that all our solutions are built on. As an integral par..

RM900.00 Ex Tax: RM900.00

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Size: 61.3 x 40.5 x 12 (cm) Unique two piece visco and latex combination for optimum supportThe Memotex pillow combines the pressure relief of Visco Elastic Memory Foam with the natural resilien..

RM129.00 RM337.00 Ex Tax: RM129.00

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