Naturatex Wellness SR330: Queen

Height: 330 mmSupreme Stress Relief with Anti-Static Carbon discharge technology combined with natural latex coolness, comfort, and support.Naturally breathing, natural latex is further enhanced with..

RM12,457.00 Ex Tax: RM12,457.00

Naturatex Wellness XR330s: Queen

Height: 330 mmX-Treme Stress Relief with Anti-Static Carbon discharge technology for pressure and stress relief.Designed for plush comfort, the Wellness XR330s delivers this through its luxurious Vi..

RM7,850.00 Ex Tax: RM7,850.00

Wellness Posture Relief: Queen

Height: 300 mmExclusive single-needle ultra plush latex posture zone quilted pillow top.Naturally breathing, natural latex is further enhanced with Spacer technology applied to the border panels to p..

RM4,175.00 Ex Tax: RM4,175.00

Wellness Posture Support: Queen

Height: 280 mmSupreme Stress Relief with Anti-Static Carbon discharge technology combined with natural latex coolness, comfort, and support.3-D Spacer Technology allows lateral cross-ventilation betw..

RM4,425.00 Ex Tax: RM4,425.00

Wellness Supreme Relief: Queen

Height: 230 mmWrap-Rounded Anti-Static quilt-top design for busy lifestyles; quick and easy access onto and off the sleeping surface.Natural latex construction with 3D Spacer Ventilation Technology...

RM6,343.00 Ex Tax: RM6,343.00

Wellness Contour Back Sleeper

Size: 58 x 38 x 9/11 (cm)“Finally, a pillow that puts your wellness first!”With most of our most sensitive senses located at our heads, this is where we are most affected by smell, bacteria,virus and ..

RM363.00 Ex Tax: RM363.00

Wellness SR70: Queen

Height: 70 mm“Finally, a sleep solution that puts your wellness first!”Ever wondered why some people just toss and turn in their sleep?So did we, and here’s what we found:  Our bodies auto-rotat..

RM2,173.00 Ex Tax: RM2,173.00

Wellness Comfort Gift Pack: Queen

Features:        10 Items:| 2 pcs fitted sheets | 2 pcs pillow cases | 2 pcs micro fibre pillows | 1 pc bolster case | 1 pc Plush Velour full-border mattress protector | ..

RM2,077.00 Ex Tax: RM2,077.00

Luxury Micro Pocket Pillow

Size: 65 x 45 x 18 (cm)Features:Ultra luxury super-fine 100% cotton percale top and bottom panels​Ultra high 600 thread count3D spacer ventilation enhanced luxury border with double-piping Luxu..

RM180.00 Ex Tax: RM180.00

Perfect Travel Partner

Features:Luxurious high resilience latex neck supportMicro pin-hole array for increased Ventilation while maintaining high surface contouring comfort and supportRemovable and replaceable knitted fabr..

RM97.00 Ex Tax: RM97.00

Wellness i-Relief : eyes

Features:Shiatsu Stress Relief : Based upon traditional Shiatsu techniques, applied to critical Accu-Pressure points located at the temple, forehead and eyes to effectively relieve tension and stres..

RM850.00 Ex Tax: RM850.00

Wellness i~Relief: neck

Features:Massage balls within pillow kneads/rotates at area to which it is placed e.g. neck, back, arms, waist, legs and feet to relieve and relax body muscles effectively   Infrared-ge..

RM561.00 Ex Tax: RM561.00

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