Our Technology

Naturatex is a Malaysian brand made by Sleep Synergy Sdn Bhd. Sleep Synergy has expertise in designing exclusive sleep systems for over 23 years with breakthroughs such as the Nanotex Collection which incorporates leading world-class technologies developed by NASA, Outlast and Spacer.

The Wellness Collection features our state-of-the-art anti-microbial protection against bacteria, virus and fungus. It also incorporates micro-carbon thread to provide permanent anti-static stress relief, for a total peace of mind

The importance of Optimum Support

  • Back care research has shown that ‘neutral lordosis’ or optimum posture and back support is achieved when your back is in an upright position. Sleep Synergy technology replicates this position when you are sleeping on your mattress.
  • Sleep Synergy’s mattresses have a linear support characteristic which deflects proportionately to the load placed on it, conforming to your body shape which helps you achieve a neutral spinal posture.

Benefits of Latex Mattresses

  • Undisturbed sleep for both sleeping partners by providing each with individualized and independent support they need

Self-airing breathable foam with ¼ million porous cells per cubic inch

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