Hotel Contract (Queen)

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Height: 265 mm

For over 59 years with our core competency in natural latex, we don’t just make spring mattresses.  We make latex mattresses with springs!  Our design philosophy centres on the benefits of natural latex and how to get it working for you to get the best performance and value out of our sleep solutions.

You see, making a natural latex mattresses is a lot like cooking:

Give ten chefs with varying experience levels, exactly the same ingredients and ask them to cook the same dish.  Do you think the results will all taste the same?

Many mattress manufacturers claim to have equal and some even greater ‘ingredients’ in their mattress, but what makes us stand out from the rest?  59 years in the art of putting it all together; understanding how to make each part work its magic for you, so that the sum effect is greater than its parts.

  • Our Hotel Contract is proof of this philosophy in action.  Cool, breathable natural latex is positioned on the uppermost sleeping layer, to provide lasting pressure relieving comfort.  As breathability is an inherent natural latex foam property, why stifle it with cheaper synthetic foam casings or foam box surrounds?  (Which will actually also reduce the amount of springs used in the support layer!)

  • This is a medium support and comfort mattress, built around our tried and tested Strataflex latex layering technology, supported on our edge-to-edge Cool-Edge Bonnell spring array for maximum breathability.

  • This solution offers you lasting support with optimised comfort and ventilation, while still being affordable.

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