Body Hugger Pillow

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Size: 84 x 40 x 16 (cm)

Now a pillow you can really hug to sleep!  Cool breathable natural latex gives you comfort that lasts all night long, with a fleshy bounce that only natural latex can provide.  An elliptical cross section gives you more pressure relieving surface area to hug, just like hugging your partner; only fleshier!  

Why hug a pillow when you can hug your partner?

Our Body Hugger Pillow can of course be used like a basic pillow too.  With it’s meaty 16cm height, it’s better suited to side sleepers, so it’s perfect for an intimate couple’s perfect spooning pillow!  Sleep on your favourite pillow with your partner; why settle for one or the other when you can have them both!

With natural latex, you have inherent anti-bacterial protection which has the added benefit of dust mite prevention. Dust mites thrive on our dead skin cells, but cannot digest it directly.  They require the presence of bacteria to break them down first.  No bacteria, no dust mites!

Worried your standard pillow cases won’t fit?

So did we.  That’s why every Body Hugger Pillow comes with two custom made luxury superfine percale 100% cotton pillow cases, for that silky smooth touch and that fresh, natural cooling comfort.

Naturatex by Sleep Synergy.  We have the perfect sleep solution for you!

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