Wellness Contour Back Sleeper

Wellness Contour Back Sleeper

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Size: 58 x 38 x 9/11 (cm)

“Finally, a pillow that puts your wellness first!”

With most of our most sensitive senses located at our heads, this is where we are most affected by smell, bacteria,virus and even fungi.  That’s why our Wellness Contour Back pillow is designed to protect you with our anti-microbial fabric to keep away those potentially nasty issues.

Also, relieve stress with our micro-carbon discharge technology.  Often, static build up can be stored in even our hair.  With our Wellness Contour Back pillow, micro-carbon threads are permanently embedded into the yarns of our Wellness fabric, providing permanent static discharge throughout the lifespan of the pillow.  The micro-carbon threads will not come loose, or out of the fabric, unlike cheap carbon powder derivatives such as charcoal powder, which are placed into the fabric and may be dislodged through use.  This can be harmful, as carbon or even worse; charcoal dust from unspecified sources, can be ingested or get into sensitive tissues where they don’t belong.

Breathe more freely.  Our Wellness Contour Back pillow is designed for back sleepers to gently cradle the neck and head in an upright position, with an upward tilt to open up airways,thereby providing a more free-flowing breathing posture.

Our Wellness Contour Back pillow also caters to varying neck lengths and curvatures with its double-sided profiles.  This pillow is designed with lower profiles to suit back sleepers.  Side sleepers may try the higher side of this pillow, or try our Nanotex Ultra Comfort pillow which is specifically designed for side sleepers.
With Naturatex by Sleep Synergy, we have the right pillow solution for you!

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